heavy mirror
multiples time


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Heavy Mirror (2015 - )
mirror & paperweight
plastic / glass mirror / porcelain / various materials

Put the shining mirror upside down, the mirror then becomes a paperweight and the objet.
Heavy Mirror is a mirror while acting as a paperweight at the same time, which can be used on a table. This produce can be as a paperweight that prevents papers or tissue from being scattering by the wind, and when necessary, it can be used as a mirror when flipping it around. It has been designed based on the usage and function of the object. The small act of using a mirror naturally connects to the soft movement of the inside the waterball, allowing the user to enjoy beautiful moments whenever using the mirror.

We create Heavy Mirror Waterball editions that are limited for company, gallery or self-produced.
We have worked with Shinsegae Dutyfree (Seoul), Kitty Bunny Pony (Seoul), Un Bon Collector (Seoul), Print bakery (Seoul).


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