We (Doi Jung / Jaena Jung) founded the craft-based creative studio greatminor to express our thoughts through design and art. We emphasize the simple structure of objects that can perform functions and seeks to convey various delights derived from their pure form. Our studio is involved in a variety of projects ranging from small objects to installations and work based on ‘From the Form’.

〈How&Wow Bask it!〉 Basket : Craft Council Nederland, Eindhoven
〈Oh Dear〉 Small Structure(photograph), Figure Plants : Incheon, Seoul
〈Push Push〉 Undersized Figure Plants : KCDF, Seoul
〈Whispers at Your Fingertips〉 Figure Plants : KCDF, Seoul
〈Typojanchi〉 Circle To Circle : Culture Station Seoul 284, Seoul
〈오늘,하루,매일,내일 Pack System〉 Figure Plants : Sejong, Busan, Ulsan, Seoul
〈Little Red Riding hood〉 Figure Plants : Shinsaege Gallery, Daejeon
〈Circuit Seoul〉 Figure Plants : Musinsa Terrace, Seoul
〈Unparasite〉 Figure Plants : Platform-L, Seoul
〈Basket Club〉 The Steamer Basket : Karimoku Commons Tokyo, Japan

〈Oh Dear〉 Bricks, Figure Plants : Page Myeongdong, Seoul
〈Oh Dear〉 Bricks, Figure Plants : Uijeongbu, Gyeonggi-do

〈Stable Turn〉 Dome : Editori, Seoul
〈Euljiro Light way〉 Bricks : Sewoon Plaza, Seoul
〈Pack System〉 Figure Plants : Post Territory Ujeongguk, Seoul
〈Wasser Tanz〉 HMW edition : Open Studio
〈Korea Build Younhyun Material Cube〉 Circle To Circle : Kintex, Gyeonggi-do
〈Solo Exhibition〉 Figure Plants : CICA, Incheon

〈Seating Plan〉 Bricks : Supply Seoul, Seoul
〈Forest〉 Cirecle To Circle : or.er, Seoul

〈work (room)(work) room〉 : Open Studio, Seoul
〈A Way of Moving〉 Meari : Wooran Foundation, Seoul

〈Messe Frankfurt Paperworld〉 / Meari - Frankfurt, Germany
〈From The Form〉 : mtl (Window Gallery), Seoul