Jung Doi 정도이 / Jung Jaena 정재나

〈Here’s the things〉 Figure Plants : 의외의조합, Seoul
〈The Preview 더 프리뷰 성수〉 Figure Plants : 에스팩토리, Seoul
〈Rejoice〉 Circle To Circle : Lotte Gallery, Incheon
〈Books & Things 물아일체〉 Figure Plants : Wooran Foundation, Seoul

〈How&Wow Bask it!〉 Basket : Craft Council Nederland, Eindhoven
〈Oh Dear〉 Small Structure(photograph), Figure Plants : Incheon, Seoul
〈Push Push〉 Undersized Figure Plants : KCDF, Seoul
〈Whispers at Your Fingertips〉 Figure Plants : KCDF, Seoul
〈Typojanchi〉 Circle To Circle : Culture Station Seoul 284, Seoul
〈오늘,하루,매일,내일 Pack System〉 Figure Plants : Sejong, Busan, Ulsan, Seoul
〈Little Red Riding hood〉 Figure Plants : Shinsaege Gallery, Daejeon
〈Circuit Seoul〉 Figure Plants : Musinsa Terrace, Seoul
〈Unparasite〉 Figure Plants : Platform-L, Seoul
〈Basket Club〉 The Steamer Basket : Karimoku Commons Tokyo, Japan

〈Oh Dear〉 Bricks, Figure Plants : Page Myeongdong, Seoul
〈Oh Dear〉 Bricks, Figure Plants : Uijeongbu, Gyeonggi-do

〈Stable Turn〉 Dome : Editori, Seoul
〈Euljiro Light way〉 Bricks : Sewoon Plaza, Seoul
〈Pack System〉 Figure Plants : Post Territory Ujeongguk, Seoul
〈Wasser Tanz〉 HMW edition : Open Studio
〈Korea Build Younhyun Material Cube〉 Circle To Circle : Kintex, Gyeonggi-do
〈Solo Exhibition〉 Figure Plants : CICA, Incheon

〈Seating Plan〉 Bricks : Supply Seoul, Seoul
〈Forest〉 Cirecle To Circle : or.er, Seoul

〈work (room)(work) room〉 : Open Studio, Seoul
〈A Way of Moving〉 Meari : Wooran Foundation, Seoul

〈Messe Frankfurt Paperworld〉 / Meari - Frankfurt, Germany
〈From The Form〉 : mtl (Window Gallery), Seoul