Meari (2015)
Work : Product Design 

Details : Diffuser / Hanji(Korea Traditional Paper), Plaster, Charcoal, Brass / Various Size

Prize : KCDF Hanji Product Development Design Contest - Second Prize

A scent echoes.
Like an echo deep in the woods, a scent echoes.

Meari is a solid fragrance product in an objet d'art that mixes natural high-strength plaster and natura mineral charcoal with mulberry fiber which is in the state immediately before becoming Hanji. The function of air purification has been added by containing natural mineral charcoal in addition to the antibacterial, dehumidification, and deodorization effect exhibited by mulberry fiber. Based on Cube size(50 X 50 X 50 mm) 3 sheets of Korean paper of A4 size were added. Meari means an echo in korean, It has you may enjoy the fun and fragrance that is naturally emitted by slightly moving the product once the fragrance has weakened.