Circle To Circle (2021)

Type : Exhibition “Typojanchi 2021: A turtle and a crane”

Work : Artwork Installation

Location : Culture Station Seoul 284

Date : Sep 14 - Dec 17 2021

Details : Paper / Dimensions Variable

 The moon and the sun in the sky. Time that goes by infinitely. A ring that promises eternity. Probably because of the morphological characteristics of a circle that circulates, connects, and repeats indefinitely, things that conjure up absolute eternity deliver their symbolism through the form of a circle. The circle, which has no distinction between its beginning and end, is likened to entirety and eternity in the integration of consciousness and unconsciousness, enabling a story about symbolic functions of form. Greatminor decided to explore the formative function of the circle that can deliver an alluring visual story of the circle.

 Like its properties, circles become one as the starting point, process, and result of this idea. Circle to Circle (CTC), which structurally represents the story of a circle, is the result of formative experiment to capture its connectivity, repeatability, and extensibility based on the exploration of its physical functions. The combination of a circle and another circle is replaced by the familiar image of a paper chain, which extends seemingly indefinitely, even with a limited number of circles. This reminds viewers of the organically proliferating nature of a circle, and again its infinite eternity. Through a circle that simply captures everything, viewers face the form of the universe, and project onto it the image of us wishing for the wellbeing of all.